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Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: What are sol + sokras made of?

A: Typically, a Nylon / Lycra blend. About 72% / 28%. Super breathable and lightweight. In some cases, we may knit our socks with Coolmax or another moisture-wicking yarn. This will be noted on the individual product page.

All sol+sokra socks are knitted with the highest-quality, advanced knitting technology on 220+ needle count machines, ensuring the softest knit and most solid weave possible.

Q. How do I know what size to order?

A: sol + sokra sizing is by shoe size, like a typical sock. It's best to pay attention to the sizing tabs on the individual project page. We also note calf size, so if you have smaller feet, but larger calves, you may want to go up a size. Compression should never hurt or be uncomfortable, so select the fit that's best for you.

Q. When will my sol + sokras ship/arrive?

A. Typically, standard shipping orders are delivered within 5-7 business days of your order being placed, usually much sooner. You will receive a shipping confirmation with tracking number as soon as your item ships.

If you purchased an item that is backordered, approximate ship dates are listed on the product pages for you. We'll also email you if there are updates or changes to backordered item status.

Please email us directly with any shipping questions and we'll be happy to help:

Q. Can I return or exchange my sol + sokra products?

A: Absolutely! You're satisfaction is our chief goal. With the exception of final sale items, we offer returns & exchanges up to 21 Days. At this time, we do not offer monetary returns on items that have been worn. If you have worn an item, and find it does not fit as you would like, we happily offer a size exchange. 

If you're unsatisfied for any reason, just send us a nice, brief email with your order #, and we'll be happy to help you out. More information can be found on our RETURNS page.

By the way, we're real people on the other end, so please, be kind. We're here to help.

Q. The word 'compression' freaks me out.

A: That's not a question, but we know how you feel. We sometimes use the phrase 'infused with compression' because our socks are like normal socks, just better. They are not heavy medical grade compression socks; they're not going to constrict or bind, but they still provide important health and wellness benefits.

sol + sokras are lightweight, breathable, easy to put on, and just feel so amazingly good. They truly are made for everyone. See the list below...

Q: Who can / should wear sol + sokras?

A: Compression legwear has so many fantastic benefits (listed here on this page), just about everyone can benefit from wearing sol + sokra and adding compression to their everyday lifestyles. Here's the tip of the iceberg:

Travelers, sitters, standers, walkers, runners, dancers...whatever your lifestyle, there's a pair of sol + sokras that's made just for you.

Q: I'm in my 20s, 30's, ...Why should I wear anything with compression?

A: Prevention is the best defense against signs and effects of aging: spider veins, swollen legs, varicose veins and tired, achy feet. We all know we should drink water, exercise, eat right and moisturize. Think of compression as another weapon in your beauty arsenal - like moisturizer that conceals or foundation with SPF. It's all-in-one and your legs will thank you now...and later. 

Q: What can I wear open-toe and grip sol+sokras for?

A: This summer, we introduced our open-toe collection of knee-highs and anklettes. Originally designed for expecting mothers to wear in hotter months with flip-flops or sandals, our darker colors can be worn with open-toe heels & booties in fall & winter.

They are also fantastic elixirs for tight muscles caused by over-stretching and studio sports like yoga, ballet barre + pilates. for their compression properties that support ankles and calves, keep legs warmed up to prevent injury, and help speed recovery after a workout. The open-toe allows for free range of motion and the balls of feet remain free so gripping is never an issue.

Sol + sokras should be worn for yoga, pilates, barre and other stretching & core-based workouts.

Q: Hey, what about us guys - can we wear sol+sokras?

A: Absolutely, guys have sol+sokras! Our easy-to-wear styles look and feel great with jeans or dress pants or even with running shorts. They're ideal for frequent fliers.

As we grow, we'll add more styles, sizes and colors. So check back often.

 Q. You're sold out of my favorite style. When can I re-order it?

A. We manufacturer your sol + sokras in small batches, which enables us to design & order small, quality product runs and develop more styles without filling up a warehouse with unused stock.

Like all retailers, we try to anticipate the needs and desires of our customers, but sometimes we simply run out. When an item sells out, you can click on the 'notify me' button on the item's product page and get notified when an item is back in stock.

Q: What makes sol+sokra socks better than ordinary socks?

A: To start, sol + sokras are designed with a special knit called compression that helps increase your circulation. The circular knit creates a massaging sensation for your legs that lasts throughout the day. What ordinary sock can do that? Simply put, increased circulation contributes to healthy, happy, more gorgeous and lovable legs. 

If you're into it, you can find out a little more about the science & goodness on our How It Works page.

Q: Oh, cool. What else?

A: sol + sokras socks are made with four things in mind: your legs & feet. We aim to help you nurture your sol(e) and energize your sokras, no matter your lifestyle.

+ Style. Simple, stylish, chic. sol + sokras socks come in simple, wearable styles with color accents & patterns.

+ Breathability. A light, breathable weave allows your feet to feel airy, fresh & cool.

+ Ease. sol + sokras are made with ultra-stretchy yarns, they are easy to put on, without sacrificing quality and effectiveness. Who has time to fuss before the school run or boarding a plane?

+ Comfort. The Nylon / Lycra blend gently "hugs" without squeezing the legs and the knit moves as you move, to create that massaging effect. Your legs will say "ahhhh" and "thank you very much."

+ Responsibility. Knitted with water-soluble dyes, free from harsh chemicals, and we use minimal packaging.

Q: I love sol + sokra! Where can I see more and show off my sol + sokras?

A: The best question, yet. Here you go:  facebook  twitter  instagram pinterest