Wear + Care – sol + sokra
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Wear + Care


A few tips we've learned to keep your sol + sokra legwear lasting longer:

+ Wash cold to preserve the elastic and the color of the sock.

+ Dry flat. High heat can harm the structure of your socks. Drying flat is ideal; they'll dry overnight.

+ Careful with sharp edges. Remove jewelry and avoid pulling your socks with nails to avoid snags.

+ Never roll your socks. Instead, pair them together & fold to keep your elastic from stretching.

It's a good idea to turn your S2s inside-out to protect the color, but not necessary. 


Sometimes donning compression socks requires a little extra effort. If you're having trouble:

1. Turn the sock inside out

2. Make a pocket at the tip & insert toe

3. Gently pull the sock up over your feet and legs.

4. Carpe diem!