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Keep It Cool In the Kitch

Posted on November 23 2016

Being the hostess with the mostest is hard work.

Here are a few ways to stay energized and invigorated during holiday prep and still feel like the bell of the ball when your guests arrive:

1. Compression Socks. As any server or chef will tell you, the balls of feet and heels take a beating when standing for long periods. Compression will massage feet and legs all day long and keep legs from feeling heavy and tired. By wearing compression, you'll be able to power through those long hours with ease and energy.

2. Chef Mats. A Chef Mat is a truly worthwhile investment if you bake, cook or entertain often. By providing a soft, supportive surface to stand on, Chef Mats help prevent fatigue and heaviness. The added gel support works for anyone who stands for long periods (think: hair stylists) as well as chefs.

 3. Comfort Shoes. We always say that sol + sokras are like your favorite pair of cute clogs. They look great, and they feel amazing. For long days on our feet, we like the sneaker look of Dansko's. It's a little casual, yet crisp. No matter your style, choose a shoe that provides contoured support and eases the toll that standing for long periods takes on legs and feet.

4. Keep caffeine and alcohol intake to a minimum or wait for the meal to imbibe. Though it might be festive and tempting, alcohol dehydrates, causes puffiness, acts as a depressant and can cause drowsiness. Likewise, caffeine can dehydrate, and while it may give you a quick boost, you'll ultimately crash and feel worse for the wear. Stay focused, energized and merrier, by taking a sip just every now and then.

5. To that end, drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated helps with circulation and improves alertness and mental clarity. Keep a pitcher of lemon or cucumber infused water nearby so you can replenish easily.

7. Limit carbs. While it might be easy and oh so tempting to grab a cookie here, a brownie there, or bite off a hunk of that delicious sourdough, sugars and carbs can cause blood sugar to rise and ultimately crash. You'll feel better if you reach for a piece of fruit, a glass of water, or try a carb free alternative like these brownies.

8. Aromatherapy. Refreshing scents are known for waking up the mind and the body. Cut a fresh orange or leave a bowl of peeled clementines nearby. Pop one open if you're feeling peckish, and the fragrance will revive you. Or dab a bit of peppermint oil behind your ears. It won't interfere with the aroma coming from the food or overwhelm your recipes.

9. Kitchen Yoga. Everyone's doing it. A good stretch keeps you limber, gets blood flowing, and relaxes while you move on to the dessert course.

10. Laughter. Cooking alone is boring! If your kitchen is big enough, ask your friends and family to help and make a morning or day of it.