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Posted on December 05 2016

We love Venice because there's a strong sense of community, the health & wellness movement is thriving and leading the way, and of course, because the eating, shopping and people watching are so much fun. There's no shortage of stylish info on LA neighborhoods, but here are a few of our personal favorites working out, hanging out and just enjoying a day out with friends and family.

The Canals

It's such a treat and you forget you're in LA, until you turn onto Venice boulevard on a busy Saturday evening just before sunset..

Burro + Burro Kids
Whenever possible, we like to shop the EMC store or EMC partner websites for gifts. For local shopping, especially for items gifted to friends in LA, Burro is our new go-to store. Burro has a wonderfully eclectic and thoughtful selection of accessories, ornaments, cards and unique finds to make any gift special. (We topped Christmas presents with tiny horseshoes that we found here.) When it comes time for baby gifts, Burro carries adorable outfits, books, toys and unique items for that little newcomer.

YAS Yoga for Athletes
The name says it all: Yoga and Spinning. As runners, we sometimes forget that there are other ways to work it out mentally and physically. If you need to get your balance back, owner Kimberly Fowler has created an ideal space to stretch, spin, and find your zen.

Tom's Coffee
For some reason, this coffee shop feels super East Coast (think: Vermont in Autumn) to us. It embodies everything Tom's is about, community, sharing, giving, and has a rustic feel at the same time. It speaks to our inner hippie. The coffee is delicious, and it's a fun place for out of office meetings and just working on our laptops with a cup of Tom's.

Kreation Organics
There are a lot of beautiful pressed juices out there, but we like Kreation for convenience (they just opened a smaller one in MDR) and its refreshing and relaxing sit down vibe. Just being there makes you feel healthy. The staff is knowledgeable and ready to make your juice of choice. Sometimes we'll just grab a healthy wrap (made with cabbage leaf) from the fresh cooler when we're on the go.


Just down the road in Mar Vista (Venice Adjacent) is an adorable shop that makes hand-crafted soaps from yummy and organic ingredients. If you're hesitant about tapping into your hippie side and going too all-natural when it comes to your routine, just step into this shop and worry no more. You'll want to buy (and wish you could eat) every beautifully packaged and good-smelling item in the store. They also have a skincare line, including an incredible Vitamin-C serum as well as a truly effective and completely organic and natural Tea Tree oil cleanser.

That's just a start. I'll be adding more as I really get to know the neighborhood. Next up, Marina Del Rey, our local love where we work and play.