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Loveable Summer Legs

Posted on April 15 2016

We can spend hours in the gym or studio working on our fitness - squats, plies, you name it -, but great looking and feeling legs don't come from exercise alone.

Before you slip on that swimsuit and after you've had your day at the beach, be sure to follow the FOUR KEYS for summer legs (and all year 'round):

1. Elevate: Relax your legs on a raised pillow or position them on the bed's headboard so that they're higher than your heart. Elevating the legs reduces gravity's pull and helps keep blood from pooling in the legs, keeping it flowing away from extremities and back up towards your heart. Keeping the blood away from pooling in the legs can reduce swelling and alleviate pressure caused by a long day out in the sun. 

2. Hydrate: Health and beauty experts agree that staying hydrated throughout the day provides your body with oxygen it needs (that's the "O" in H2O) to help keep your body cool, fluids and pH levls balanced, and to help reduce water retention. Cutting back on sodium will help prevent water retention and bloating, too. So, go easy on the salt.

3. Move: While you may have the urge to lay about by the pool, it's a good idea to get off the chaise and move around now and then. Go swimming. Play with the kids. Take a walk on the beach. Movement equals better circulation.

4. Compress: Wearing compression socks can help alleviate aches and pains, reduce swelling and discomfort, help prevent dreaded spider and varicose veins, and in many cases can help reduce the appearance of spider veins.

And, of course, don't forget the sunscreen.

Follow these tips, and you'll be that much closer to healthy, fantastic looking and feeling legs that you can be proud to show off all summer long.